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Kea Divers is located on the Greek island of Kea (Κέα in Greek) of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. It is the closest island to the Greek mainland, and is at a distance of about 60 km from Athens, a boat ride of about one hour.

If you intend to travel to large resorts, or travel on major avenues full of cars, Kea is not your place . However, if you like quiet corners, where you can enjoy local cuisine unhurried, contemplate spectacular sunrises and sunsets and dive in clear and calm waters, Kea is your place .
Kea DiversKea Divers

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Kea Divers Kea Divers has 2 bases on the island of Kea; The main is located in the coastal city of Vourkari, on a hillside where the bay is contemplated, with beautiful views of the sailboats entering and leaving the port. Close to the dive center you will find the harbor promenade where you can enjoy the famous Greek cafes and its gastronomy. And the second one is located a little further to the south on the Koundouraki beach.

The visibility of the waters surrounding the island of Kea make it a great destination as you can easily find visibility of 25-30 meters , on bad days. The water temperature is around 19 degrees in April, and 25 in August, making diving accessible for most of the year.

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Centros de Buceo en Kea

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Kea Divers: 37.665546, 24.322127
Kea Divers: 37.579113, 24.280171

Training and diving courses

Kea DiversOn Kea Divers you can plan your training programs on your visit to the island. Kea Divers is affiliated with PADI certification and is qualified to teach the courses belonging to the recreational branch of this organization.

Dive Sites

PatrisThe diving in Kea can be divided into 2 large areas, as there are important wrecks in the region like HMHS Britannic, sister ship of the Titanic, or Burdigala French freighter, sunk in the same week that the Britannic, both by a German mine during I World War. These wrecks lie at depths beyond 50 meters, so they are only available to technical divers. In the field of recreational diving, Kea Divers also offers a variety of dive sites that will not disappoint you, such as Spanopoula Rock, in the north of the island, where you can watch as pelagic fish passing trough, like tuna or swordfish, Platys gialos in the south of the island, with its impressive rock formations or the Koundouros reef a few meters away from the second base Kea Divers. It offers recreational divers the chance to visit a wreck over 100 years old in very good condition: the steamer Patris

JunkersApart from these points, on the island of Kea you can enjoy the following dives:
• Spanopoula Rock.
• Castriani caverns.
• Orkos mines.
• Cape Tamelos.
• Platys Yalos bay.
• Koundouros reef.
• Kologiros (Monk) bay.
• Ksyla (Woods) bay.
• Marades bay.
• Burdigala wreck.
• Junkers 52.


Kea DiversKea Divers have two boats to take you both diving, as tour through the Island snorkeling.

· A 2007 Motonautica 7,40 m. using a 4 stroke Suzuki 250 hp outboard and an additional 4 stroke Suzuki 6hp and has all the required safety equipment. She can carry up to 9 persons.
· A 2015 Fost 9,10 m. using Suzuki 250 hp + Suzuki 9.9 hp outboards. Brand new, can carry up to 10 persons

Equipment Rental

Kea Divers
Kea divers has equipment available for rent, so you can travel lighter. The equipment are OCEANIC and receive periodic maintenance, inspected and verified by Bureau Veritas annually.

Other Activities

Kea Divers, do another things on the island apart from scuba diving, like Offshore racing on top end yachts since 2001, taken part to every reggatta and rally in the Aegean..

In addition, they enjoy classic cars driving around the island, as theMini Moke having two units of this classic car.
Kea Divers
There are two spots where scuba diving is prohibited due to underwater archaeological sites: Otzias bay and Karthea bay. Therefore, these two areas are available for swimming and snorkelling only.

Kea Divers Gallery:

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