Underwater Photo Contest Dive Travel Show 2016

Expose your underwater photos at the Dive Travel Show 2016 event

Trying to squeeze you in in the world of underwater photography? Obsessed to the point that when you can not dive, you spent the day editing photos and learning new techniques? This is your contest.

Buceo Ibérico in conjunction with Dive Travel Show organizes the Underwater Photo Contest Dive Travel Show 2016 , an essential event to obtainr recognition in the world of underwater photography.

In order to participate just send your three best underwater pictures unsigned, without text or date, without framework, that have not been awarded previously in another photo contest, to expofotografia.dts@gmail.com (with a minimum size of 3,000 pixels on the longest side). You have until the January 21 at 22:00 to send the pictures.

Among all the pictures received will be selected by a popular vote, the 100 best photos that will be exhibited at the stand Photographic Exhibition Dive Travel Show , where all visitors to the Dive Travel Show in Madrid could go and see them.

Photos on the contest

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Underwater Photography Contest Awards Dive Travel Show 2016

And if the idea of exhibiting at the fair in Madrid is not enough to encourage you to participate, there will be the following prizes for the winners:

- First Place: Dive Package * + Equipment Pack Kanau 1
- Second Place: Dive Package * + Equipment Pack Kanau 2
- Third Place: Dive Package *

Equipment Packs Kanau
Pack 1: Artek Dolphin Flashlight
Pack 2: i-Buddy anole strobe

* Dive Packages
The First Place will choose between the 3 options, then the Second Place will choose between the 2 options remaining, and then the Third Place:
- 6 dives Package in 3 days of diving with Océanos de Fuego
- 4 dives Package, full equipment rental included with Lanzarote Buceo
- 4 dives, Package, full equipment rental and Nitrox included with Zeus Dive Center

The Dive Packages can be used by the person awarded or the person awarded may assign it to a person of their choice. They will be valid for one year.


There will be a special citation and trophy to the picture that best represents each of the following categories:

Trophy Kanau - Artistic Underwater Photography .
A jury composed of Kanau professionals, will select the best picture taken in pool or sea with at least 50% of the picture underwater, and models, if any, do not wear scuba gear ...

Trophy Dive Travel Show - World Islands, Canary Islands . Islands of the World is the theme of the Dive Travel Show 2016 fair and the Canary Islands are the destination guest. It is not an easy issue to express in a picture, so we'll leave it to freely choose either in the more general version of "Islands of the World": for example photos "land / water" in that it the island appears in some way, or in the more specific version "Canary Islands" with photos of species or wrecks typical to CanaryIslands: Angel sharks, stingrays ... the Arona wreck...


Also, among all participants in the competition, three Softshell BuzoSalao will be raffled .

In addition, among all the participants in the voting to choose the participants in the exhibition, will be drawn six sports bags BuzoSalao .

Contest Rules

Click on the "Reglas Oficiales" link to see the official contest rules

Do not think more ... Participate!
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¿Cuentas entre tus amigos con algún fotógrafo submarino? ¿Crees que les puede interesar? ¡Cuéntaselo!


Este concurso no podría haberse realizado sin el patrocinio y la colaboración de las siguientes entidades. Desde Buceo Ibérico queremos expresarles nuestro mas sincero agradecimiento por haber aportado el granito de arena que ha convertido el Concurso y Exposición de Fotografía Submarina Dive Travel Show en una realidad. Si te parece interesante, pasa a verles y déjales un "Me gusta" ;)

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