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Show your underwater photographs at the Madrid Azul Show 2018

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The date of the diving show Madrid Azul 2018 is getting closer, and, for the fifth consecutive year, Buceo Ibérico will organize the Underwater Photo Contest and Show Madrid Azul 2018 in which as every year you can participate by exhibiting your best photographs at the Underwater Photo Show Madrid Azul 2018.

This year´s edition will be held In Memoriam Francisco Ros "Nandu" died in August 2017 and one of those responsible for the Underwater Photo Contest Forobuceo 2012, contest that was the precursor and origin of this Underwater Photo Contest. In the Show of this year we will find an area dedicated to his memory.

What do I have to do to participate in the Underwater Photography Exhibition Madrid Azul 2018?

Choose your best three underwater photographs and send them without signature, without text and without frame, to expofotografia.dts@gmail.com (with a minimum size of 3,000 pixels on the largest side). You have until the January, 31th at 23:59 to send the photos.

In a first phase, 100 photos will be selected to be finalist, and among these a jury composed of the organizers, collaborators and sponsors will select the winning photographs.

Official Rules


Standard inscription: Free.
It will allow you to participate in the contest, have your picture selected for the final phase and be part of the Underwater Photo Show Madrid Azul 2018.

VIP inscription: 10€.
In addition to everything that standard inscription allows, it will allow you to participate in the draws to be held among participants, be selected as one of the winners of the Contest or the Categories and take your picture home at the end of the Show.

VIP inscription with shipping to peninsula *: € 18.
In addition to everything that VIP inscription allows, at the end of the Show we will send you the photo at home.
* for other destinations consult. 

Awards Underwater Photography Contest Madrid Azul 2018

Madrid Azul Photography Contest AwardsYes, also, there will be prizes for the winners according to the type of inscription:

First place: A place on a cruise for Maldives on the Southern Cross with Submaldives + Pack of dives* + Physiotherapy session**

Second Place: A place on a weekend cruise through Ibiza on the Beluga Vela + Pack of dives* + Physiotherapy session**

Third Place: Pack of dives* + Physiotherapy session**

*Diving Packs
The winner will choose, then the second and then the third between:
  - 3 day diving pack with Bohol Divers Club Dive Center on Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
  · 1 day diving on the island of Balicasag.
  · 1 day diving on the islands: Snake Island and Pamilacan.
  · 1 day of 3 dives in Bohol.
Includes taxes, boat, guide, weights and diving equipment 

  - 4 dives pack including full equipment in Lanzarote with Lanzarote Diving

  - 5 dives pack in Cabo de Palos with Divers Cabo de Palos

The diving packs can be enjoyed by the awarded person or can be assigned to a person of their choice. The packs will be valid during the current year. 

**Physiotherapy sessions
On the clinic Ana Laguardia Fisioterapia y Estética.
The physiotherapy sessions can be enjoyed by the person awarded or they can be given to a person of their choice. They sessions will be valid during the current year.
Este concurso ya ha terminado. Consulta la página de Concursos y Sorteos o apúntate a nuestra lista de correo para enterarte de los próximos concursos.


¿Cuentas entre tus amigos con algún fotógrafo submarino? ¿Crees que les puede interesar? ¡Cuéntaselo!


Este concurso no podría haberse realizado sin el patrocinio y la colaboración de las siguientes entidades. Desde Buceo Ibérico queremos expresarles nuestro mas sincero agradecimiento por haber aportado el granito de arena que ha convertido el Concurso y Exposición de Fotografía Submarina Dive Travel Show en una realidad. Si te parece interesante, pasa a verles y déjales un "Me gusta" ;)

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