Planet Blue Dive Center (english version)

Planet Blue Dive Center is located in Lavrio, 55km SE of Athens, Greece, on the Aegean Sea.

With Planet Blue Dive Center you can dive in crystal clear waters with great visibility, visit stunning wrecks according to your diving level, enjoy the contrast and backlight of underwater canyons and reefs

Always with the safety and comfort of being supported by a great team with years of experience in diving and underwater research, the head of which is Kostas Thoctarides, a leading figure in the world of diving in Greece.

Datos de contacto

Perdikas 1
19500 Lavrio

Teléfono: +30 210 4180174
Móvil: +30 697 2992 444
Web: Planet Blue Dive Center
Facebook: Planet Blue Dive Center en Facebook


Planet Blue facilities occupy an area of over 4 hectares, on a land full of palm trees and olive groves.

In the main building there are classrooms and offices area, and in the large warehouse there are air fill and mix gases operations, diving equipment, rinse and washing area, changing rooms, medical area (including a hyperbaric chamber) and shaded parking for customers.

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Planet Blue Dive Center

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Planet Blue Dive Center 37.702881, 24.057264 Planet Blue Dive CenterCon Planet Blue Dive Center podrás bucear en aguas cristalinas con visibilidad espectacular, visitar pecios impresionantes, arrecifes y cañones submarinos…Ver datos del centro de buceoPerdikas 1, Lavrio, 19500, Greece (Indicaciones)

Training and diving courses

Planet Blue is certified as a provider of diving services by the Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine (license no. 143), providing scuba diving training of all levels, guided scuba diving excursions and rental of scuba diving equipment.

Planet Blue is affiliated with the following diving organizations, and is able to provide the following training courses (courses in Greek and English):

SSI Recreational diving
SSI Technical diving
PADI Recreational diving
. PADI Technical diving

Dive Sites

InmersionesPiperWith Planet Blue you can dive on the reefs and wrecks located near the island Macronisos and Cape Sounion and its islets.

For technical and more experienced divers, Planet Blue can arrange trips to remote points and remote dive spots, drawn from the immense personal archive of Kostas Thoctarides.

– Tripiti Reef
– Apollonia VI wreck
Piper wreck
Operaciones de cargaOperaciones de carga – Portugal wreck
– The groupers nest
– The little island
– The marble rock
– Portugal wreck(2ª part)
– Makris Reef
– Pasas Reef
– Makronisos south reef
Apollonia VIKyra-Leni – S/S Rosa Vlasi wreck
– Cape Sounion
– The Canyon
– The Rock
– Gerolimnionas south
– Gerolimnionas north
– Kyra Leni wreck
– Legrena “the parking lot”
– Monroza wreck
– U-133 wreck
– Koundouros reef


MotoresDyna 6903 DYNA 690 boats, 6.90 m. in length and 2.70 m. wide, each with a main engine Mercury 200 4-stroke engine and an auxiliary Mercury 15.

The boats are kept out of water, and are loaded with the scuba gear before leaving the dive center. The boats are thrown into the water through a ramp at the port of Lavrio, just over a kilometer away from the center, and once in the water, clients climb aboard and start navigating to the dive site.

Equipment Rental

Alquiler EquipoAlmacén centralIn Planet Blue you can rent Scuba diving equipment made by the world major manufacturers, certified according the EN standards, suitable for recreational and technical scuba diving.


CompresoresBotellasPARAMINA air compressors, located in a separate air-conditioned space, can fill scuba tanks up to 300 bars. These are continuous blending fully automated Nitrox – Trimix blending system. The certified gas blenders can provide any gas mixture of Nitrox – Trimix – Heliox customers specify.

First Aid station
Cámara HiperbáricaFirst Aid station equipped with decompression chamber, Doppler bubbles monitoring device, emergency Oxygen kits and first aid kits. All instructors and divemasters are trained in the provision of First Aid and attend seminars presented by hyperberbaric physicians (M.Ds) for its staff.

MuseoMuseoIn Planet Blue you can enjoy a visit to a small museum with well preserved old equipment and other material related to the dives you can do in the area.

Library and maps room
BibliotecaYou can also enjoy time in the Library of Planet Blue, and dive into the thousands of titles and texts on some of the most renowned wrecks, some of which have been discovered by Kostas Thoctarides.

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